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The first time the term "yellow pages" was used was in 1883. Since that time, businesses have become accustomed to a general need and expectancy that being listed within these off-colored printed pages would be somewhat necessary for them to be found by prospective customers. Today, many suspect, and we're not hesitant to confirm, that Internet search engines like Google have significantly, if not entirely, replaced the age-old out-dated way of looking up a service provider, purchasing an item in need or finding a local business.

In fact, with over 200,000,000 searches done each and every day, the proof is pretty much in the pudding that people are searching online, and some of them are searching for YOUR business.

Ask yourself this:

  • Will your prospective customers find you?
  • Is your business easy to find on the Internet?
  • Out of the hundreds or even thousands of other businesses, local listings, or information web sites out there, how can you be sure that yours will pop up on top?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site in search engines via natural or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Ever wonder why some sites show up where they do? Search engine computer algorithms are getting increasingly sophisticated and complex, with listings often influenced by the efforts of experienced SEO agencies like HTP Company. As more and more businesses move online each and every day search engine optimization has never been more critical to your company's bottom line.

HTP Company, an internet advertising company based in California, with offices around the globe, provides professional consulting, technical assistance, troubleshooting and optimization of your web site in regards to both its current and future positioning in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Baidu in China. We also recommend the following as useful companies for Internet marketing and Internet advertising. Another good company for Internet advertising is DoubleClick, which Google owns.

On page changes, updates or improvements to elements within your sites text, graphics, video, programming and many other architectural aspects can and will greatly influence your positioning in these search engines. The staff at HTP Company are experts in this field, having spent hundreds of thousands of hours evaluating search engines, their algorithms, and the architectural changes that make a difference.

Please contact us today to allow us the opportunity to speak with you about your business, your competitors, your company's goals, and how we can become a part of its success.

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