Explaining Google’s Panda and Penguin: Has Your Site Been Effected In Search?

Every serious search engine marketer works toward a common goal; while measuring the flux in an ever changing web, SEO Agencies must fill a void asking the imperative question:

“What is the most effective, Google approved strategy, to help improve a client rankings and overall search engine visibility over the long term?”

Some might suggest the answer is a strategic link building strategy. Others might conclude relevant content is the key. While both of these answers are correct, in their own way, Internet advertising companies experience subpar results if they continue to utilize the strategy’s that worked in the past. The days of over populating a website with irrelevant links and content have officially ended. Instead, the best SEO companies have recognized that links with an organic feel, PR rank, and industry relevancy are providing much greater results than the methods that had worked so well in the past. The following paragraphs will bring up concepts that have become vital to success in the ever-changing world of SEO and search engine rankings.

In the past, quantity was the preferred method used to increase Google rankings.  The days of stuffing your website’s Meta Data with hundreds of keywords is over. Meta Tags may seem obsolete to some, but they do still have the ability to bring swift and positive change when employed correctly as part of any SEO strategy. The key to success is using them properly, honestly, and with good attributes Furthermore, this strategy not only has become obsolete in trying to improve website visibility, but it can also negatively affect your overall rankings.

Here is a simple, yet vastly important concept for all business owners to remember:

Google is smart, very smart.

The algorithm used to determine website rankings is constantly changing.

They have no interest in populating their search engine with spam and unnatural content. With this in mind, LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, is a term that has gained steam in the Internet Marketing world. LSI is used by search engines for connections between keywords. For example, if the title of your article is “Internet Advertising Company”, then you want to make sure that the article includes synonyms of that core keyword such as Advertising Company, Advertising Agency, Online Advertising, etc.

For more on LSI, please visit the following link: LSI-Latent Semantic Indexing.

A second characteristic of “new marketing” techniques is avoiding duplicate content, or substantial sections or portions of duplicate content. Although there are many blatant examples which have gotten away with murder for many years, the recent Panda update of 2011 has changed the way duplicate content is handled entirely. “Duplicate content” pages can now lower the page-rank or all of a sites rankings if found anywhere on a website. Remember, Google’s primary goal is to give searchers the most ‘authoritative’ relevant results possible and duplicate content plays a huge role in their ability to identify. Google must find and identify the originators of such content, as well as the author, and alter the score of competing pages.

If you hire an SEO Company and they notice that your website has been using duplicate content to increase rankings, they should either,

  1. delete it completely, creating a 301 re-direct to the original page, or
  2. use a canonical tag.

Each one of these options will notify Google’s crawlers that you are making every effort to maintain organic and relevant pages.

If take away just one concept from this article, make sure that you remain proactive regarding Google’s progressive search engine algorithm. Google is an ever evolving company and a trick or loophole that had worked for you yesterday, might not work well today – or even worse, get you removed.

Constant and effective research is a must for anyone looking to maintain or improve his or her Google rankings. You must ensure you place an strong emphasis on “quality” over “quantity” and “relevant unique content” over regurgitated or duplicate content.

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