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Need to Check PageRank?
The PageRank Checking tool will check a single pages pagerank.

PageRank Checker

Check your website's Google PageRank ranking.

Have multiple Web sites?
The Multiple PageRank Checking tool will check up to 25 sites at once.

Multiple PageRank Checker

Check PageRank for up to 25 separate domains

Free PageRank on Your Site?
Free PageRank Display lets you display PageRank on your site in many styles, and takes just a minute!

Free PageRank Display

Free Google PageRank Widget for your Web site.

PageRank for Outgoing Links?
Check PageRank for all outgoing links from a URL with the PageRank Crawler.

PageRank Crawl

Get the PageRank of any URL and all its outgoing links.

Pagerank is a value given to all web pages which is exclusive to Google's search engine algorithms. This tool allows users to find the pagerank value of individual pages as well as multiple pages of a web site.


Disclaimer: Google™ and PageRank™ are trademarks of Google Inc. HTPCompany.com is not affiliated with Google Inc., but only provides publically available information about pagerank values of web sites. HTPCompany.com provides services on "as is" and "as available" basis and we do not provide any guarantees for the service stability or availability.




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