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Hello and welcome to the HTP Company blog and discussion area.

This is where our staff stay connected with clients as well as those who may be considering HTP as a service provider. We’ll write about developments happening in search as well as allow new and exciting ideas to be created within an atmosphere where feedback, commentary and opinions flow freely.

Search engine optimization is unique and the methods used for proper optimization practices change often. It is an industry which moves fast and will keep you on the edge of your seat  whether you are a routine small business owner, savvy developer or CEO. Google has released many updates over the last year or so which have fundamentally changed search as most know it. It’s worth mentioning that this will not slow down and is likely to be the new and ever changing Google we’ll see far into the future.

Google: Here’s our latest installment of search quality highlights, with another 50 changes to report for March. We’re starting to get into a groove with these posts, so we’re getting more and more comprehensive as the months go by.

The key to staying ahead is to focus on staying informed and being prepared for change. We hope by you visiting this section of our web site, you will be one step closer to knowing how it is we operate, what we’re thinking and what we’re working on for the future.

Thanks for visiting our blog and please check back often or ‘get connected’ to our site feed to keep up to date with developments and happenings in search as well as within our company.


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