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SEO More Effective than PPC, Survey Reports

According to a report by online agency, WebMarketing123, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to maintain its top standing for lead generating channels. U.S. digital marketers have also reported a steady decline in pay per click (PPC) effectiveness. Over 500 U.S. marketing professionals, 65 percent of whom identified as B2B marketers were surveyed. Companies represented included: GE Sony Cisco Olympus Bose FedEx Respondents from businesses with at least 1,000 employees amounted to 32 percent, while 23 percent came from companies with approximately 50 or less employees. The 2012 State of Digital Marketing Survey also reports B2B marketers have indicated that social media marketing has also surpassed PPC as a lead generation channel. Successful Lead Generation SEO was credited by 59 percent of B2B and 49 percent of B2C marketers as having the greatest impact upon lead generation. Those numbers were a great deal higher than that of social media and PPC. The report indicated that B2B marketers believe social media has a slight edge over PPC, at 21 percent and 20 percent, respectively. Last Year Comparison When compared to report results from last year, survey results indicated that Search Engine Optimization was given more credit for lead generation by both B2B and B2C marketers this year, while less credit was given to PPC efforts. PPC experienced a five point decline from the B2B side, from 25 to 20 percent. There was an eight point dip from 34 to 26 percent for the B2C side marketers. SEO vs. PPC There are quite

The WAR on Free Clicks: The Google Info Graphic Not to Miss

The last year or so has brought on many updates in search, thus keeping Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” fresh in the minds of hundreds of thousands of webmasters. “Creating unexpected results” and/or “Injecting Noise” within search results is now common play. In all of the confusion, who stands to gain? Below is an exceptional info graphic which includes the thoughts (quotes) of some of search’s best minds, like Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall and produced by with research produced by With the credits now out of the way and without further ado, plenty of interesting numbers in “The War on Free Clicks: How Pay-Per-Click Ads Are Taking Over Google’s Search Results and Why That is Good for Marketers”.

Google+ Numbers Allegedly Stagnating; Report Indicates Growth As Dismal

“Web-analytics firm RJMetrics recently released a report that casts Google+ in an unflattering light.” (Agoura Hills, CA) Google’s latest entry in the social-media wars has allegedly been struggling with lukewarm interest and an exodus of disenchanted users. Much as with Orkut, an earlier foray into social media that flopped in the U.S. and much of Europe, the initial burst of enthusiasm around Google+ has supposedly given way to a dismal swamp of apathy. The Web-analytics firm RJMetrics recently released a report that casts Google+ in an unflattering light. RJMetrics subjected the public timelines of 40,000 random users to a bout of cruel and usual number-crunching that produced a number of depressing statistics. The report found that posts by users with fully public activity profiles had on average each accrued under one reply, collected less than one approval mark and attracted under a single re-share. Social networks live or die on the strength of their ability to hook users into returning regularly. RJMetrics claimed the chances to be about 70% that a user who had left one public post on Google+ would return to make another post; however, users who had left several posts tended to subsequently drift away. The odds of a typical user returning to make a sixth post were only 85 percent, significantly short of the 90 percent mark that RJMetrics believes is the magic number that separates a potential success from a slowly dying failure. RJMetrics also conducted a cohort analysis that measured engagement over time, which

Are You Missing The Boat on Social Media Marketing?

Social media sites like and, and now Google+ have never been more popular, drawing millions of hits each day, and smart businesses are tapping into this popularity and increasing brand awareness by creating social media marketing campaigns to ensure their business’ message is carefully and wisely positioned to attract social media subscribers to their own sites. There are many different ways to create a social media marketing campaign, from creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business to offering regular blog posts that keep customers and potential clients up-to-date and interested in your product or service. Usually, a combination of two or more of these venues ensures the greatest engagement among your potential customer base, and nearly every social media venue offers an option to incorporate it into your company’s website: virtual buttons provide your site visitors with a convenient way to connect with your Facebook page or Twitter account, and blog posts can be located right on your business website, offering potential customers the perception of immediate value when they visit (this blog is a case in point). Getting customers to “like” you on Facebook, “retweet” you on Twitter or comment on a blog post is a great way to ensure greater levels of engagement while also building your base of contacts for email or other marketing campaigns. But devising a campaign strategy is just the first step in effective social media marketing. You also need to be able to measure how well your campaign