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The WAR on Free Clicks: The Google Info Graphic Not to Miss

The last year or so has brought on many updates in search, thus keeping Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” fresh in the minds of hundreds of thousands of webmasters. “Creating unexpected results” and/or “Injecting Noise” within search results is now common play. In all of the confusion, who stands to gain? Below is an exceptional info graphic which includes the thoughts (quotes) of some of search’s best minds, like Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall and produced by with research produced by With the credits now out of the way and without further ado, plenty of interesting numbers in “The War on Free Clicks: How Pay-Per-Click Ads Are Taking Over Google’s Search Results and Why That is Good for Marketers”.

Local Search Changes for Better: Google & Bing Take Gamble

Google’s redesigned Maps for Mobile app has created quite a stir recently. The program changed the way that it serves users local ads. Individual cellular phone users are now expected to click-through ads more often. Phrases like “click to call” have really helped with the click-through rate. Phone users tend to do other things with their mobile devices than merely surf the Internet or run apps. They also use them to place calls and do many of the things that someone would do with a landline telephone. These updates reflect this fact. Cell phone users might very well be more likely to place calls to places of business. Small business owners might be attracted to advertising on the platform for that reason. Social features are also becoming increasingly important with individuals who do regular web searches. Google+ has decided to go above and beyond the norm with this aspect of the service. Google Places for Business listing accounts are an excellent way for businesses to drive extra traffic to their sites. Local listing tabs now present on Google+ are apparently impacting search results. While it doesn’t appear that traditional search engine optimization techniques will be obsolete any time soon, social media has a lot to do with increasing rankings. More importantly, local businesses can use Google+ to reach new clients in their own area. This is better than trying to reach out blindly across the Internet. Traditional local search solutions have been provided by Yelp for some time now. Yelp