Here We Go Again: More Google Algorithm Changes

Recently there have been some interesting updates from Google which are affecting thousands of websites. Some sites have disappeared while other sites ranking well have very little or even no content at all. The entire internet is “freeking out”, over the most recent changes which Google’s Matt Cutts says should affect just 3% of search. The best thing to do is not panic – at least, not yet. Now, that doesn’t mean the answer is to simply do nothing, however, it does mean it’s necessary to ensure you have all the pertinent information before making any drastic changes to your site.

Here are  the basics of what is going on:

On 4/3/12, Google announced fifty (50) changes to their algorithm, another round of significant and very public updates Google has made. Google’s blog stated: “We’re starting to get into a groove with these posts, so we’re getting more and more comprehensive as the months go by.” The prior month they announced forty (40) changes, and the month before, just seventeen (17). This will probably begin to level off some as far as the “quantity” of changes, but the frequency should persist.

Google calls these recent changes efforts to “level the playing field”, where sites with little or no optimization begin to pop up. This seems to be Google’s attempt to prevent a “capitalist like system” where the Internet becomes a “pay-to-play” environment, where only those with the most money win. While things are certainly mixing up and moving around, the changes will continue. Google actually feeds off the “blowback” created in the webmaster community and uses the feedback to measure whether or not their updates have gone too far, and then make changes here and there if need be – and that’s probably what’s going to happen over the next month or few weeks.


So far, there are many reports with pretty horrible sites popping up and outranking better, more authoritative sites, but for the most part, what we’re seeing aren’t the final results. This change will likely improve the overall index once the dust settles as the aggressive hunt for quality intelligence continues. It’s also likely to to increase Google’s revenues for Q2 as many web site owners will panic and flock right to pay-per-click advertising to immediatly replace traffic being lost. Google can also charge advertisers more (as well as pay publishers more) as the quality of the traffic received from paid clicks continues to improve (smart pricing). Google sure isin’t a habitual loser when it comes to making money.

While some are just sitting back enjoying the new traffic the changes are delivering, others begin to measure how, why and what to change going forward. Either way, whichever side of the Google fence you’re on, the best thing to do is stay informed, think of great ways to improve your content and web site – and hold on to your hat, because it isn’t over yet.


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